Introducing 24/7 Premium Security Guard Site Protection

We provide both onsite security and patrol to construction, councils, schools, building sites, office blocks and more!

  • Highly trained security professionals
  • Thorough background & police checks done on all staff
  • Onsite, man & dog teams, and car patrol all available!




Fully screened officers, professionally trained to maintain a secure environment for your company site and employees.

Thorough Professional Training

H&H Security officers are carefully chosen based on their level of professionalism, mannerisms, aptitude and skill. They undergo intense preparation and training, meaning you work with the cream of the crop!

More Than Just Security

Today more than ever, professional security guards must be well trained and screened to meet the increasing demand of protecting the public, property and enforcing the law. All H&H Security Guards receive in depth training on this.

Real World Experience

H&H Security provide personnel who comprise of law enforcement professionals and individuals with military backgrounds who have real world experience in protecting life and property.

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Introducing 24/7 Premium Security Guard Site Protection...

Gain the peace of mind that working with H&H Security professionals provides!

1. Static Uniformed Guard Services

Static uniformed security guards are fully trained to help you determine how to minimise security threats, as well as to help maintain a secure environment your premises and your staff. All guards are first aid certified and are fully insured.

2. Security Patrol Services

Security guard patrols will help to keep larger sites secure by making sure that the entire area is checked 24 hours a day. Patrols are randomised to prevent would-be intruders from being able to plan ahead.

In addition to manned patrols, H&H Security are the largest provider of Guard Dogs in the Sydney metropolitan and surrounding areas, and can provide dog patrols on request.

3. Checkpoint & Gate House Security

Control access to and from your business premises via a gate-house, checkpoint or main entry area with our Checkpoint & Gate House Security service.

Whether you need to secure a factory, warehouse, distribution centre or a manufacturing plant, only authorised visitors gain access to your business premises. Temporary visitor passes can be issued to keep track of visitors and are retrieved at exit points to prevent misuse.

Detailed traffic logs can be recorded, including licence plates, driver’s licences, ID badges, dates, time and the visitor’s intentions.You will also be provides with a detailed security policy and gatehouse or checkpoint procedure which will be strictly enforced by our uniformed security personnel.

"All H&H Security Personnel Are Fully Screened & Vetted, And Have Real World Security Experience, Including History In The Military & Law Enforcement"

4. Concierge & Customer Service Security

Sometimes it is undesirable for professional organisations to have clients greeted by uniformed security officer.In these situations it may be desirable for the receptionists or desk attendants to be knowledgeable in security practices, should the need arise, without obviously appearing to be security guards.

Our specialised customer service security officers are recruited based upon their customer service skills and trained to provide both high end customer service and security functions.

5. Executive & VIP Protection

For complete security management of VIP and celebrity clients we have specialist security personnel who have been trained to the highest level and are available to protect any category of VIP or celebrity whether they are a world famous personality or high level executive.

H&H Security personnel are legally constrained by the strictest confidentiality agreements ensuring that personal details and client activities are and will always remain strictly confidential.

Security Guard / Patrol FAQ

What training are your security guards given?

Our intense preparation and training encompasses hypothetical and practical coursework that focus on business security services and strategies, fire safety and emergency evacuation, first aid (including search and rescue), organisation security services, public decorum and professionalism, public relations, surveillance techniques, and tact and diplomacy in delicate security situations

What security guard services do you provide?

We provide a wide range of security guard services, including static uniformed guards, patrols (dog patrols also available), checkpoint & gatehouse security, and concierge & customer service security.

How do you monitor and track your guards?

H&H Security offers our Guard Tracking service for sites as an optional service in addition to our static guard service.

The H&H Security Guard Tracking service ensures that the allocated guard conducts thorough and timely patrols around all critical and vulnerable site areas, by tracking their location in real time using a specialised Guard Tracking Wand.

In addition, all officers are micromanaged and are expected to maintain hourly recorded logs including procedures, precise incident reports and documentation.

Who's insurance covers any potential liabilities?

H&H Security is fully insured for anything that may go wrong, including any issues that may arise as a result of a crisis situation involving our security guards. For further insurance details call us on 02 9606 8464 and we’ll go over everything.

Are you able to provide security for festivals and special events?

Yes, we are fully equipped to provide professional security services for all festivals and specials events, regardless of size. For larger events, please let us know well in advance so that we can make sure that we have the correct number of trained personnel available.

How much does your service cost?

Cost will be determined by the number of security guards needed, the level of expertise required, and the length of time that your security personnel will be on-site. For a comprehensive quote on costs, please call 02 9606 8464 and we’ll work out a rough guide over the phone.

No fuss system and cost efficient. A Very reliable system!

Albert Managing Director - AGM Constructions