Introducing 24/7 Fully Maintained Guard Dog Protection For Your Site

We provide guard dogs, both onsite or patrols, to construction, councils, schools, building sites, office blocks and more!

  • Self contained kennels placed onsite
  • Our handlers take care of all dog upkeep
  • Largest supplier of guard dogs in Sydney Metro!




H&H Security is the largest and most trusted provider of Guard Dogs in the Sydney metropolitan and surrounding areas.

Man & Dog Teams

Onsite guard dogs and guard & dog patrols are proven highly effective intruder deterrents. Nothing cools the desire to trespass like the baleful glare of a highly trained guard dog!

Onsite maintained kennels

Onsite kennelled guard dogs offer motivated 24/7 site protection 365 days of the year. All kennel maintenance and dog feeding is done on a daily basis by our highly trained handlers.

Onsite/Mobile Guard Patrol

Keep your site secure under the watchful eye of our highly trained security professionals. Nothing beats the effectiveness of a fully qualified and licensed guard!

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"For highly effective hands-off site protection and intruder really can't go past trained guard dogs!"

Guard Dog / Dog Canine Patrol FAQ

Are guard dogs cost-effective?

Yes! While not ideal for all sites, guard dogs don’t charge an hourly rate and they don’t need to have lunch breaks, or take time off. Many of our clients have benefited from the savings that they get from replacing guards with guard dogs.

Can I reduce my security guard requirements?

This is a common reason for using guard dogs. By using a Security Protection Dog Unit Guard Dog Team experienced in onsite protection, the manpower demanded to police large and difficult areas is reduced dramatically. As mentioned above, the cost savings can be significant!

Who takes care of the dogs?

We do! As part of the service trained handlers will come out and work with the dogs each day. Your only responsibility is to release them each night upon cessation of site activity. The dogs are fed, groomed and trained by our staff.

How does the service work?

We provide a fully self-contained kennel to be placed on site for the dogs to be housed in. The kennel is fully enclosed with proper ventilation shafts inside, with an automatic mechanism so that the dogs can be released from outside the perimeter fence after the cessation of work at your premises by one of your staff, therefore providing instant security.

Why H&H Security over other companies?

H&H Security are the established professionals and are the largest provider of Guard Dogs in the Sydney metropolitan and surrounding areas. We have over 20 years experience of working with guard dogs and our dog kennels in West Hoxton are the largest registered security kennels in NSW.

What breeds of dogs are available?

We supply fully trained and tested German Shepherd and Rottweiler guard dogs. In most cases we have bred, raised, and trained your dog since it was a puppy, ensuring we know our dogs extremely well and maintain extremely high standards of security.

Do guard dogs act as an effective deterrent?

Absolutely! Warning signs are displayed around the perimeter of the premises giving added protection as well as notifying the general public that there are guard dogs on the premises. It takes a particularly determined (and foolhardy) intruder to want to tangle with trained security dogs! In practice, most would be interlopers will move on to an easier target.

Are there any other benefits to working with guard dogs?

Yes, there are several. Where the occasion arises on sites, a trained dog’s ability to detect by scent any unusual occurrence over a wide range, has proven to be a great advantage, and allows hidden intruders to be found far more easily than with people.

Also, in active zones the dogs function as a psychological deterrent when on view to the public and personnel. It's just a whole lot easier to pick an easier site to target 🙂

Lastly, dogs have the ability to keep on eye on a much wider perimeter than a human security guard. Dogs love to roam, are happy to cover a wide area, and don't charge any extra for the privilege!

Who's insurance covers potential liabilities?

H&H Security is fully insured for anything that may go wrong, including dogs escaping from the compound or someone being injured in relation to the animals. For further insurance details call us on 02 9606 8464 and we’ll go over everything.

What type of sites are guard dogs appropriate for?

We have two types of Security Guard Dogs: Compound Security and Patrol Security.

Security Guard Dogs are ideal for Construction sites, Industrial warehouses & complexes.

Patrol Guard Dogs come with a handler (also a security guard) and are ideal for Car parks, Special events, Car yards, Sporting events, Exhibitions, Street patrols and many more places…

No fuss system and cost efficient. A Very reliable system!

Albert Managing Director - AGM Constructions