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We provide CCTV solutions to the home or business, including hospitals, hostels, nursing homes, casinos, pubs, clubs, outdoor areas, corporate office blocks and more!

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  • Advanced recognition & analytics
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Advances in CCTV technology have turned video surveillance into one of the most valuable loss prevention, safety/security and management tools available today.

Maintain 24/7 Security

Your CCTV system never sleeps, never gets tired, doesn’t eat, and never strays from the task at hand. Our security systems ensure that your company, staff, and patrons are being monitored and protected 24 hours a day.

Advanced Recognition & Analytics

CCTV systems have advanced beyond belief in the last 10 years. It is now possible for systems to have facial recognition, “fall out of bed” recognition (for retirement and nursing homes) and a variety of other uses.

Reduced Manpower Needs

By using a properly set up and maintained CCTV system, coupled with a small team who are experienced in CCTV site protection, the manpower demanded to keep large and difficult areas secure is reduced dramatically.

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Intelligent Pub, Club and Casino Video Analytics

Pubs, gaming lounges, and casinos all share a range of security issues, from detecting unwelcome visitors through to detecting illegal gaming patterns and theft.

Via advanced video analytics you will gain be able to set up a black list filter, automatically identifying unwelcome visitors, detect physical tampering (tilt or shake) of gaming machines and count traffic flow (allowing you to evaluate the performance and effectiveness of each zone block).

Other advanced feature include “Gaze counting”, automatically identifying which gaming zone has more people viewing and loitering, and queue length detection, automatically identifies which restaurant or machine requires more customer service resources.

By collecting and reporting this data, pub, club & casino operators can better assess total traffic, and work to convert that traffic to active gaming by determining the effectiveness of each machine relative to its floor plan position.

Hospitals, Hostels and Nursing Homes

Advanced video analytic software allow you to provide better patient services, cut monitoring costs, prevent accidents and, provide stronger medical records security when applied to hospitals and ages care.

Possible uses include “fall out of bed detection” (alerting a doctor or nurse when a patient falls out of bed), Abnormal Motion Detection (detects, records or alerts a doctor or nurse when a patient is in danger of having a seizure), Slip and Fall Detection (alerting caretakers when a patient slips or falls down) or Facial Recognition, that controls access to patient confidential information and restricted areas such as drug stores.

The possibilities are endless, and coupled with existing security and protection protocols, provide a near seamless security system.

Corporate Office & Intelligent Business Analytics

Under the cloak of darkness, intruders try to infiltrate borders, buildings and security infrastructure. While thermal imaging and night vision may eliminate surprise at night, with larger areas security systems can falter.

Combining existing CCTV or thermal imagery with advanced, intelligent video analytics, security officers can comb large tracts of land with more effectiveness.

In this way your system has the ability to detect loitering or intrusion or track intruders. Advanced facial recognition allows for efficient border & gate control, including the ability blacklist individuals and alert operators when a flagged visitor arrives.

Via advanced behaviour recognition your system will be able to recognise the conditions of a hold up, and can even detect any tampering that occurs with individual cameras.

CCTV / Security Systems FAQ

What is CCTV and how does it work?

The definition of CCTV refers to “Closed Circuit TV” or the use of video cameras to transmit images to a specific, limited number of televisions on the same network or “Circuit”.

IS CCTV effective at curbing crime?

CCTV has proven to be highly effective at deterring opportunistic crime such as theft and vandalism, and even attacks on individuals. Most times when potential offenders see that CCTV is in use at a location, they will simply not even bother considering further action. CCTV is an excellent deterrent, which is whey they are used by so many corporate and government organisations.

Aren’t CCTV cameras big, unsightly things?

Again, no longer. Today’s CCTV cameras are sleek and elegant devices. With dome styles, turret styles, bullet cameras, and more, there is always a camera that will be a stylish and unobtrusive addition to your location.

Are cameras able to be placed outdoors?

Most quality CCTV cameras these days are entirely weatherproof and can be installed inside or outside at no risk depending, on the particular application. You can judge the degree of weather resistance by an “IP” number, most cameras are “IP66/67” which is perfectly suitable for outdoors. If you are dealing with more extreme conditions, let us know and we can point you to some particularly rugged CCTV setups.

How reliable is CCTV?

These days with the advancement of Digital technologies, Digital “PoE” (or “Power over Ethernet”) camera systems deliver amazing reliability.

Isn’t CCTV footage always low quality and “grainy” etc?

While this used to be the case, the industry has come a long way! Now that 3-4 Megapixel cameras becoming more affordable, CCTV footage can be captured in true HD (even streaming to your smart phone or tablet) and if you need even higher fidelity, some of the higher end systems are even capable of 4K footage. No more grainy images!

Is it expensive to get a CCTV system installed?

Like most things, this will depend on your needs, and it's true that for corporate and larger sites some instances CCTV can be quite expensive. For those with smaller requirements, or the budget conscious, there is a huge range of high quality, cost effective systems to choose from in any style you can name.

Is there a minimum/maximum amount of cameras?

There are no real practical limits on how many cameras you can use. Camera systems can range from one camera all the way up to as many as can fit on the premises. Our technicians will guide you in how many cameras will best suit for maximum coverage at your location.

No fuss system and cost efficient. A Very reliable system!

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